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Purchasing Department


The purpose of this procedure is to secure areas to protect the property and persons at Merced College. Such security is to be achieved through control of keys to access facilities and buildings of the College.

Determining who will be issued keys will be at the senior administrative level and based on a building-by-building concept. Vice-Presidents have the responsibility of designating who will receive keys, as well as what type of keys. Make sure to read the Board Policy and Administrative Procedure 3114 for detailed procedures. You can locate these procedures on the District website


Keys are issued by the Property/Key Control Technician who is located in the Purchasing Department. A log will be maintained indicating each key issued and returned.

Picking up Keys:   An approved “Authorization to Issue Keys” form must be submitted to the Property/Key Control Technician.  All keys shall be picked up and signed for by the employee to whom the key was authorized – no exceptions. Faculty (full-time and part-time) shall pick up their keys prior to the beginning of each new semester. Contact the Property/Key Control Technician at 384-6303 between the hours of 8:30am-3:30pm

Locking/Unlocking Rooms:  It is the responsibility of each and every instructor to insure a room is locked when they leave it. Student Employee Use of Keys:  Student employees (Audio Visual, Purchasing, and Mailroom) are allowed to carry Change Keys for specific purposes as outlined in their job description.

Custodial Substitute Employee Use of Keys: Custodial substitute employees may be allowed to carry a Building MasterKey for specific purposes as outlined in their job description.

Misuse of Keys: Misuse of keys represents a criminal activity. Penal Code, Section 469, states: “Unauthorized making and duplicating or possession of a key to a public building is a misdemeanor.”

Lost Keys: Notify the Property/Key Control Technician, Campus Security, and a Vice President are to be notified immediately, if a key is lost or stolen. The Property/Key Control Technician will initiate an “Authorization to Re-Issue Keys” form and forward it for approval to the appropriate individuals. A $50.00 fee per key is charged to replace lost keys.

Returning Keys: Employees who leave Merced College shall submit all issued keys to the Property/Key Control Technician within three (3) working days. You must have the Property/Key Control Technician sign the “Checkout Sheet for Terminating Personnel” form as part of your checkout requirement. All adjunct faculty will return their keys within three (3) working days following the end of the semester. Any employee who transfers from one department to another within Merced College needs to report to the Property/Key Control Technician


Last updated on 10/19/2011.
For inquiries about the information on these pages contact Director of Purchasing,
Brian Slaughter