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Campus Health and Safety Policies

Alcohol and Drug Use

In accordance with Board Policy/Administrative Policy 3550 and 3560, the enforcement of alcohol laws on campus is the primary responsibility of the Merced Community College Police Department.  The possession, sale, manufacture or distribution of any controlled substance is illegal under both state and federal laws.  These laws are strictly enforced by the Merced Community College Police Department.

All members of the campus community are subject to disciplinary action and /or criminal prosecution for the on-campus possession, use, sale, or distribution of any quantity of inappropriate prescription drugs or controlled substances as defined by State of California Health and Safety Code.

Drug/ Alcohol Treatment

Merced Community College recognizes that drug and alcohol dependency are treatable conditions. Campus community members who suffer from a substance abuse problem are encouraged to seek help immediately. The Campus Counseling/ Career Development Center and medical staff in the Health Center are available for member assistance. Merced Community College also maintains a current listing of available off-campus counseling services, parent education workshops, self-help groups, and alcoholism/drug treatment centers.


Under BP/AP 3570, Smoking is not permitted in buildings and is limited to beyond 20 feet from all buildings.  Individuals and groups using District Facilities are responsible for enforcement of this regulation.

Weapons Possession

The unapproved possession, use or sale of firearms, ammunition, fireworks, explosives, or any dangerous weapon is forbidden and subject to campus discipline and criminal prosecution. Approval for possession is by exception and granted through the Vice President of Administrative Services.

Weapons include, but not limited to any facsimile firearm,  explosive, any dirk, dagger, ice pick or knife having a fixed blade longer than 2-1/2 inches.  Any person who believes that he/she may properly possess a firearm or other weapon on campus or in a District center or other facility of the District must promptly notify the Vice President of Administration Services.  Refer to BP/AP 3530

Sexual Assault

Every member and organization of the College Community should be aware that all sexual assaults are prohibited by state law, and college policy, and will be viewed by Merced Community College as a serious matter. In addition to possible prosecution, the College may impose sanctions against students, student organizations, or faculty/staff members identified as committing or participating in sexual assaults. This institution will discipline persons identified as responsible for sexual assaults. 

Click here for more information on  Sexual Assault

For Personal Counseling information through Student Health Services click here  

Annually, Merced Community College District submits statistics to full Clery Requirements.  Statistics that are submitted cover the previous calendar year starting from January 1st to December 31st.  The statistics cover specific types of calls over a spread of three years.  Click here to see the 2015 Annual Security and Safety Report.