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Vision, Mission, & Core Values Statements:

Merced College will provide students
with a transformative educational experience
by embracing innovative techniques and practices
to empower a diverse college community.

In a rapidly changing and increasingly global society faced with
great challenges, Merced College faculty, staff, and leadership are
committed to continuously improving methods of providing an
accessible, affordable, and relevant education that improves
the quality of life for all students and their communities.

Recognizing that education is never a mistake, Merced College
serves as a gateway to the future by welcoming all students from
our richly diverse region. We prepare our students for the
next stage of their lives by providing the following:

◆ A supportive environment

◆ Committed and caring faculty, staff, and leadership

◆ Mutually beneficial community partnerships

◆ State-of-the-art facilities

◆ The latest technology

Core Values
Student Success
We focus on student access and success.

Supportive Atmosphere
We support an atmosphere of trust where communication and
teamwork cultivate a rich environment for teaching and learning.

We utilize agility, innovation, and responsible risk-taking
to create our preferred future.

We actively partner with the community to respond to cultural,
educational, economic development, and technological needs.

We embrace diversity as a strength of our community
and celebrate it in our institution.

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