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Merced College Demographics and Student Services Information

Welcome to the Merced College Demographics and Student Services Information page. These pages provide a direct link to the California Community Colleges DataMart, a source for student and district information for all 109 colleges in the California community college system. By selecting ‘Merced’ information for student demographics, financial aid and selected student services can be accessed for the Merced Community College District. An explanation of the data links are provided below.

Student Demographics - Term

  • At this link you will find Student Demographic data for individual Fall or Spring terms. You may select values for Ethnicity, Age, Gender. Enrollment Status, Day/Evening Status, Academic Level or Unit Load. These values may be combined to view combinations such as Age by Gender, or Unit Load by Ethnicity.

Student Demographics – Annual

  • This link combines both Fall and Spring terms into an annual report, with the same available information as Student Demographics – Term.

Full Time Equivalent Students(FTES) 

  • Full Time Equivalent Students or FTES is an accounting term used by the California Community College System to measure equivalent student enrollments throughout the state. 1 FTES is equal to 525 hours of student instructional contact and FTES can be generated by combining the ‘contact hours’ of multiple courses and labs. A single student will generate 1 FTES by enrolling in 15 hours (also known as ‘units’) of coursework per week for 2 semesters each lasting 17 ½ weeks (15 x 2 x 17.5 = 525 hours). In the same manner, 10 students enrolled in a 3 unit English course for 1 semester lasting 17 ½ weeks will also generate 1 FTES (10 x 3 x 17.5 = 525 hours). FTES is a useful measure in determining effective resource allocation across colleges, programs and courses.

Full Time Equivalent Students(FTES) - By Distance Education Status

  • Distance Education (also known as online courses) are courses available through the internet. The accounting term ‘FTES’ is generated in the same manner as Full Time Equivalent Students (FTES).

Student Program Awards

  • Program Awards are also known as Associate of Arts Degree (AA), Associate of Science Degree (AS), Certificate of Completion (CC), or Non-Credit awards. Program Awards can be viewed as combined totals across the college, or by individual program.

 Program Retention/Success Rates

  • ‘Success Rate’ is defined as the percentage of students receiving an A, B, C, or CR grade for their coursework. ‘Retention Rate’ is defined as the percentage of students receiving any grade except W (Withdrawal), IP (Incomplete), or X (Unknown) for their coursework. Success Rate is a measure of student success; Retention Rate is a measure of the effectiveness of college resource utilization.

 Program Retention/Success Rates - By Distance Education Status

  • This link returns Retention and Success Rate information for Distance Education courses.

Student Financial Aid

  • This link will display Student Financial Aid data with Ethnicity, Age and Gender information. The values include Board of Governor Enrollment Fee Waivers, Grants, Loans, Scholarships, and Work Study.

Student Matriculation Services

  • The term ‘Matriculation’ refers to those programs and services that assist the student in the initial assessment and application process, in enrolling and registering for coursework; and in progressing through their college experience to the award of their choice. This link includes information on Orientation, Assessment and Placement, Counseling and Follow-up services.

Student Services Programs (DSPS/EOPS/CalWorks)

  • Disabled Students Programs and Services ( DSPS ), Educational Opportunities Programs and Services ( EOPS ), and California Work Opportunities and Responsibility to Kids ( CalWORKs ) programs are designed to meet the needs of students with special barriers to college success.

 Staffing Reports

  • This link returns information on Merced College district staffing.