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Office of Grants & Institutional Research

News & Announcements:                   

2013 Student Success Scorecard:  The Chancellor's Office recently released Merced College's 2013 Student Success Scorecard; the Scorecard is formerly known as the Accountability Reporting for the Community Colleges (ARCC).  Below, a table comparing 2002-03 and 2006-07 figures, such as completion and persistence rates, is available.  The Scorecard also provides details regarding key metrics, including demographics, which helps Merced College identify areas for further investigation and improvement.

Read OGIR's article in April 2013 Campus Digest (page 5).  Click here for more information from the Chancellor's Office.

2007-08 to 2012-13 Institutional Effectiveness Metrics:   The Office has developed a handful of Institutional Effectiveness metrics (IEMs) to assist with program review, both comprehensive and annual, and new faculty prioritization requests.  They are listed under three group types:  1) Credit Productivity (including courses filled, FTEF, FTES, WSCH); 2) Student Demographics (including age, gender, race/ethnicity); and 3) Student Success (including awards/certificates earned, course retention and success rates).  Access the IE metrics by visiting OGIR's MC4ME site (log-in required).

Fall 2012 Quick Facts:    The District's Fall 2012 Quick Facts document is available, containing semester demographics, course load, student type, and degrees/certificates earned. 

Fall 2012 Fact Sheet:  Similar to the Quick Facts sheet, this document contains other institutional information, including employee demographics and financial aid.

Six-Year Quick Facts:  The District's 2007-08 to 2012-13 Quick Facts document is available.  It contains a six-year look at demographics, awards, and FTES trends.  The 2006-07 to 2011-12 document is available here


The Institutional Research Calendar:  The Office's 2013-14 Institutional Research Calendar is now available for review here.  The Calendar informs stakeholders on the institutional research planning on an annual basis.  This was approved by the Committee for Institutional Research Oversight (CIRO) in May, 2013.


Research Request Form:  Complete the Research Request Form for all your institutional data and research needs.  Before submitting a formal Research Request form, browse OGIR siteís resources and documents to see if the request could be met with already published research.

Institutional Review Board:  Merced College's Office of Grants and Institutional Research oversees the District's federally-recognized IRB (IRB00009072).  The last meeting was held Thursday, 09/May/2013 from 03:00PM to 04:30PM.  For any assistance or questions, or a meeting request, contact the IRB's chair, Cherie Davis at or 209-386-6786.  Click here for more information (log-in required).


OGIR Contact Information

Cherie Davis, Director 209-386-6786
Luis Enrique Flores, Sr. Research Analyst 209-381-6525
Andrea Hall-Cuccia, Research Analyst 209-384-6370

OGIR's Mission Statement

To facilitate the institutional effectiveness of ongoing planning and assessment, and resource development and allocation processes, based on sound research and evidence that foster continuous quality improvement. (reviewed August, 2012)

For any questions or comments regarding the content of this page, contact