General Education Program

Mission Statement

General Education at Merced College introduces students to the means through which people comprehend the modern world. Students must possess certain basic principles, concepts and methodologies unique to and shared by different fields of study.     College-educated persons need to use this knowledge when evaluating and appreciating the physical environment, the culture, and the society in which they live. Most importantly, this education should lead to a better self-understanding, and encompasses the “Essential Education” that students will receive and take home from their experiences both in and out of the classroom at Merced College.

In Spring 2014, the Merced College Academic Senate determined the college will use the  Institutional Student Learning Outcomes as Merced College General Education Learning Outcomes, or GELOs, to evaluate the General Education Program. 

Currently, the Academic Senate chooses a single GE outcome for assessment in a given school year over a 5 year cycle. 

  • Steps in Assessing a GE Program
  • 2014-15 Computation GELO information
  • 2015-16 Global GELO Assessment Plans
  • GELO Shots