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The Merced College Career/Transfer Center is the hub of transfer information at Merced College. We have catalogs from the CSU, UC and Independent colleges; transfer information handouts, and computer career research software which contains comprehensive information on colleges, majors and financial aid. Come to the Career/Transfer Center to meet with university representatives and to sign up for our transfer activities. We also have specially designed this Transfer Center Web page to provide you with comprehensive information about transfer and have linked other helpful resources. We have also given you instant access to multiple university information web pages including CSU Mentor, UC Pathways, Project Assist (general education and major requirements database) and College Source, a resource of catalogs from over 10,000 colleges in the nation!

Pie and Bar graphs. Where Merced College students transfer to most often, which is CSU Stanislaus. The bar graph shows that the GPA average for pre-admission to Merced College is 3.04 as compared to only 2.93 for other California Community colleges. A third bar graph shows that 84% of community college students continue in CSU schools verses of 79% of those who start off as freshmen at a CSU institution.

The Transfer Center is dedicated to providing the information resources that students need to determine their education goals and to gather information about academic programs. Those resources include:

  • Over 400 university catalogs
  • Directories containing information on over 3,000 college and universities
  • Computerized university search programs
  • University videos and CD-ROMS disks
  • A comfortable library space
  • A 13-station computer lab

Information about and referral to other service for transfer students Visit us on the third floor of the Lesher Building and let us make it easier for you to transfer to the university of your choice.



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Merced Community College, 3600 M Street, Merced CA 95348
The Transfer Center is located on the 3rd Floor of the Lesher Building, Room 312. Phone: 209 384 6218
Transfer Center Counselor: Greg Soto

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