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Mechatronics Program

Mechatronics 1Program Description: Mechatronics is the term used to describe systems that are a part of our daily lives and which involve electronics, mechanics, and computer control.  Some examples to consider are copy machines, medical laboratory equipment, banking Automated Teller Machines, water processing facilities, bottling machines, automated package handling machines, ski lifts, industrial robots, food and beverage processing and manufacturing plants.  Trained employees are needed to operate these systems both locally and regionally.  The Merced College’s Mechatronics program trains students to understand and operate the mechanized systems that are such a vital part of the economy in the Central Valley and beyond. 
Credit Value
: 34 units.  Certification granted: pending approval to launch
Fall 2013.


For more information regarding the TAACCCT grant program at Merced College please contact
Jessica Moran, Interim Director of Special Projects and Grants at (209) 381-6580 or by email at

Mechatronic Lab


Updated on 08/14/2013