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LVN to RN Transition Program 



Program Description: The profession of registered nursing involves the provision of health care services, both direct and indirect, that focus on the maintenance, promotion, and restoration of health. This includes basic health care to help people cope with difficulties in daily living that are associated with actual or potential problems of health, illness, or the treatment thereof.  Nursing is a dynamic problem-solving profession that focuses on the response of the individual to health problems. The practice of registered nursing requires a substantial amount of scientific knowledge and technical skills, as well as leadership and managerial abilities. Students attend classes on the Merced College campus. Nursing experience is provided in selected local hospitals and health agencies.  Students progress through the coursework as cohorts in the same prescribed sequence of classroom and non-classroom instruction.  The program operates on a fixed classroom-meeting schedule, consistent from term to term.  The redesigned courses operate across systems using technology, blended learning models, and using open textbooks and courseware.  Most remediation is embedded into the program curriculum, supplemented as necessary through instruction that is parallel and simultaneous to the program, rather than preceding it.  Students should develop stronger math and English skills as they build program competencies, using the program as context, and there will be clear basic skill outcome expectations with rigorous assessments.  Credit Value: Minimum 30 Units.  Certification granted:  Associate Degree in Nursing.





For more information regarding the TAACCCT grant program at Merced College please contact
Jessica Moran, Interim Director of Special Projects and Grants at (209) 381-6580 or by email at


Updated on 08/20/2013