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EMER-50:  This beginning course is designed to teach basic emergency medical procedures and responsibilities, including stabilization of the sick and injured for transportation to medical facilities, care during transport, communication with base -- hospital personnel, and transfer for the injured to the base-hospital emergency room.  This course meets the requirements of Title 22, Division of California Administrative Code.  Students successfully completing EMER-50 and EMER-51 are eligible to take the EMT I certifying exam from any EMS Agency with the State of California.


EMER-51:  This course provides the ambulance module of the EMT I certification program. Topics for the course include the roles and responsibilities of ambulance personnel, legal aspects of ambulance operation, radio communications, maintenance of medical equipment & supplies, and driverís licensing requirements.



         Current CPR card based on American Red Cross of American Heart Association that includes one-and two rescuer CPR plus infant CPR

         Negative TB skin test that has been completed with 1 year or a negative chest X-ray for TB

         Valid California Driverís License


Submit requirements to the Business Division Office, V-18 to get issued a voucher to register for the course.

NOTE: Limited space is available.


If you have questions, you may contact Bryan Donnelly, Program Coordinator at 209-386-6769 or email or contact the Business Division office at 209-384-6058.

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